At the Law Offices of Charles P. Fox, we concentrate exclusively on special education law and related issues including guardianship.

Our staff includes attorneys Charles P. Fox, Esq. and Julie Welsh, Esq. We provide a high level of expertise in law and educational subject matters to achieve effective outcomes. We serve the special education law needs of clients throughout Illinois.

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At the Law Offices of Charles P. Fox, we work to protect student’s rights to a free and appropriate education under federal and state laws. If your child needs special education services and those needs are not being fulfilled or access to services is being denied, the Law Offices of Charles P. Fox will advocate for your child.

Legal Representation For:

Due process hearings
Manifestation Determinations
Educational meetings

Resolution sessions
Guardianship Process

Educational representation

Information and Resources

Special Education Law Blog- A special education legal resource discussing case law, news, practical advocacy advice, and developments in state and federal laws, statutes and regulations. Postings include insight and sometimes humor from Charles P. Fox, a Chicago, Illinois attorney who is also a parent of child with special needs, and other guest authors.

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What Our Clients Say...

“He [Charlie] was recommended to me by my pediatrician. Her words, “He is extremely well known and respected in the educational advocacy community.” From the moment I met Charlie I knew that he was a very caring, thoughtful, and creative attorney. Moreover, to have him on your side is an asset that is invaluable. There was more than one time when I wondered how we could possibly work through issues with the school. Never once did Charlie fail to deliver! I have nothing but heartfelt gratitude for all that he has done to help my daughter achieve success, despite facing extremely challenging health-related issues while in high school. He cares, and I could not imagine having a better attorney on my side.

~ Kim S.

This is from a client whom I have represented for three years.

“To all parents of special kids, there is someone out there who cares: There is an exception to the rule: There is an honest ethical attorney who puts the needs of your child ahead of all else. There is a way to get our children what is fair and appropriate: The answer to all of this is Charlie Fox. I swear, even the mention of his name is magic. Thanks to Charlie, my son will be finally going to a great school; the sky’s the limit. I honestly believe Charlie saved this family, and my son’s education. Charlie Fox is a hero. Please don’t waste your time, effort and money on quick fix advocates. Only someone with Charlie’s experience with the ins and outs of school districts can make changes happen. We all love our children, and we all want to help them succeed.”

~ Lisa L.

This is a testimonial from a client who had struggled for years with her school district over issues of placement. We were able to come to a very satisfactory and quick resolution. Her child is now attending a different school that is able to meet his needs.

“Charlie did a fantastic job representing our son. It was a difficult and emotional time for our family, but Charlie helped us pull through it. Being involved in a lawsuit is an intimidating experience to say the least, but Charlie is an expert on special education law. We won our lawsuit and today our son’s victory is case law. . . Thanks to Charlie, our son received the care he needed and has since graduated high school. We hired Charlie based upon a referral from some parents with a similar situation to our own. That turned out to be the best decision of our son’s life. . . ”

~ Michael S

This is from a parent whose child we successfully represented in a due process hearing winning substantially on a variety of issues.